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Outstanding Performance

Customer Feedback

Introduction of the voices of customers who use santec products. You can check the specific usage image.


副教授 徐宗伟


We use the SLM-200 to generate dynamic, large-scale optical focus arrays for applications in integrated photonics and quantum information science. The included wavefront correction data and detailed API helped us to quickly implement these techniques in the lab.

Mr. Christopher Panuski
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Santec SLM-200 provides our lab with the ability to precisely control wave fronts in our optical designs, manipulating the phase of our input beams to let us interrogate novel materials with very specific electromagnetic interactions. The high dynamic range and numerous wavelength options. Offered by Santec SLMs afford us a variety of avenues to explore when optimizing our Experimental designs.

Prof. Jennifer Dionne's lab,
Stanford University, USA

The Santec SLM-200 is incorporated into a interferometry setup to help us develop a holographic display. Using the SLM with further computational processing, we are able to project a set of 2D object fields into the SLM and make a 3D object out of it.

Santec SLM converts phase patterns into 10 bit grayscale images helping us to acquire high dynamic range images for our display purposes.

Dr. Hamid Hasani Balyani
Northwestern University, USA