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The Photonics Pioneer



At Santec our goal is to deliver new value to the world through innovations in photonics. We have been part of the fiber optic revolution in telecommunications and continue to innovate in this field, and at the same time expand into other markets that can benefit from our expertise in optical systems. We are committed to the idea that photonic technology can bring significant improvements to our lives, the way we work, connect and relax.  Our mission is to contribute to the creation of new enlightened and human centric information society.  A future we call -OPTOPIA-

In 1984 we developed the world's first "fully automated optical fiber geometry inspection system."  Since then, we have supported the advancement of the fiber optic communication industry with a range of test instrumentation, initially with the development of the world's first bench top tunable laser, the success of which was built upon with an expanding choice of unique optical test systems. In the 1990s, we introduced advanced optical component product lines that are now deployed globally in metro, long-haul and submarine optical networks as well as datacenters.

Our expertise in micro optics, advanced optical devices, tunable lasers, and optical test & measurement has enabled us to expand our product lines to non-fiber optic telecommunication applications. For example, bio-medical and optical metrology industries have benefited from our 3D sensing and imaging technology based on the Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT). SS-OCT delivers incredibly detailed cross-sectional images of biological samples and in turn may also be used to measure mechanical thicknesses with unprecedented repeatability. 

In 2015, we introduced an advanced optical biometer, ARGOS® and entered into the medical device market. ARGOS® uses SS-OCT technology to obtain highly accurate measurements of the key parameters of the human eye, which are then used in selecting the most accurate lens implants for cataract surgery.  ARGOS® has made a significant contribution to patient QOL (Quality of Life) after cataract surgery with improved visual outcomes.

Today, we are all experiencing extraordinary growth in society through digital transformation, expansion of cloud services, 5G communication, and more, that are increasingly dependent on fiber optics. Photonic technology is a driving force for the connected society that makes the world smaller and brings us closer together.

At Santec, we continuously pursue the infinite possibilities of photonics.  We commit to advance the creation of OPTOPIA using our unique blend of photonic solutions, in tunable lasers, advanced optical components, and test systems for communication, medicine, and metrology.  We also commit to lead the market as a respected pioneer and seek to influence the world towards a brighter future, and deliver on the dreams and prosperity of our customers, suppliers, stockholders, employees and our community.

Mototaka Tei      
President & CEO